Angle Grinder Saw Blade 5/8" Arbor

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Size: 4-3/8-Inch 30 Teeth
Spec: 1 piece
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Product Introduction
  • High quality and professional grade for ripping and crosscu tting of thick hardwood to 3-1/2" thick and softwood to 1" thick.
  • The blades can be used on Circular Saws, Table Saws, Miter Saws, Hand Saws and Chop Saws.
  • Ideal for cutting hardwood, softwood, exotic wood and abrasive wood.
  • Thin kerf allwos a smooth finish with minimum waste. Lower hood angle improves the surface quality of the cut and increases the feed pressure.
  • 1.1 mm thin kerf design. 7/8-5/8" Arbor.
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