5 Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line-corrugated board making machine

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5 Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line-corrugated board making machine

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Corrugated board manufacturing line aslo called corrugator machine, is consist of many variety of machines, each kind machine has different function and variety types. Corrugated board manufacturing plant purchase containerboard to produce linerboard and corrugated mediu, which consist corrugated board. Each part of corrugator have itself function:

Shaftless mill stand : It functions to support the reel paper during the production process. We supply two types of shafeless mill stands with tension controllers : Electrical Mill Roll Stand and Hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand .

Preheater : The preheater is provided with a lap amount adjusting tool whose insertion amount between a circumference of a roll of the preheater and the original paper or the single face type corrugated cardboard is adjustable.

Single facer : The Single face corrugated cardboard machine transforms the paper into a series of connected arches called flutes thanks to the corrugating rolls that are large cylinders with a corrugated profile. If the flute profile has to be changed, then the corrugating rolls need to be changed.

Overhead bridge conveyor : Conveying corrugated board made by single facer to triple preheater to produce three wall (7 layer) corrugated board, it has many rollers to transport the corrugated board.

Triplex preheater : two single wall corrugated board arrive at here through overhead bridge conveyor, they already are not hot and soft to glued togther, so the triplex preheater heat them at the same time to ensure their softness and temperature are suitable for gluing.

Double gluer : putting adhesive on the surface of two single face corrugated board with glue rolls.

Double facer : It glues the outer liner to the fluting to obtain single, double or triple wallboard. The single face web is pre heated, starch is applied to the tips of the flutes. The outer liner is then bonded to the single face web to form corrugated board. It is a complex operation that requires great expertise in the pre-heating, moisture control and gluing processes.

The rotary shear:After the board emerges from the Double Backer it passes under a rotary shear that cuts across the whole width of the web. This is used to chop out damaged lengths of board or to effect a change over from one grade of board to another.

Slitter scorer : Corrugated Board Slitter Scorer is a kind of productive equipment with an integral whole process to separately slice the corrugated paperboard and roll the line, this operation slits and scores the board in the machine direction, with the scoring which determines the style of the finished box.

Cutting off machine : corrugated board cutting machine has cutting knives to cut the finished 7 ply corrugated board into exact required length  to obtain the corrugated sheet used in the making of corrugated packaging.

Delivery and stacker : Finally, corrugated sheets are automatically stacked. Then they are moved directly to the conversion machine or sent to a converting plant.

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