What Is Corrugated cardboard line?

Corrugated cardboard production line, referred to as corrugated line, consists of wet equipment, cadre equipment and auxiliary equipment. The wet part equipment consists of base paper rack (base paper holder), automatic paper feeder, preheater (preheater), single-sided machine (single-sided corrugated machine), paper feeding bridge, multiple preheater, gluing machine, double-sided machine, The wet part equipment will make corrugated paper into three, five and seven layers of laminate board. Cadre equipment consists of slitting machine (slittering press machine), crosscutting machine, stack (yard) machine, etc., cadre equipment to tile board according to the order requirements of the longitudinal indentation, crosscut and stack; In cadre equipment, slitting machine is to affect the efficiency of the equipment, when buying and choosing to consider the cutter, pressure line guide rail dust treatment. Auxiliary equipment consists of ERP management system, steam recovery system, production line monitoring and management systems, boilers, glue machine and other equipment.

Production line monitoring management system can be automated management in the production and management process of the enterprise, combined with software, to achieve personalized data processing, to help managers grasp the enterprise production and financial situation, understand the enterprise.

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