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What Machines Are Needed to Make A Cardboard Box?

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Many people are curious about the cardboard box making process. They want to know how the carton production process is. Of course, some people who want to develop the carton packaging industry want to know more about the carton packaging industry. As a professional corrugated cardboard manufacturer, we have concluded that carton production required equipment.


Needed equipment are paper separator, printing slotting machine, binding machine.


Necessary equipment: cardboard making machine, carton printing machine, corrugated production line, laminating machine, line hitting machine, paper separator, slotting machine, laminating machine, die cutting machine, sticking machine, nail box machine.


Auxiliary equipment: laser engraving machine, carton proofing machine, beer machine.


The corrugated cardboard production line the key production equipment of corrugated carton manufacturing enterprises. Corrugated cardboard production line is the most important production line equipment in carton packaging enterprises, including several important components such as wet end equipment, cadre equipment, and production management system.


According to the production process of corrugated cardboard, the corrugated cardboard production line consists of two relatively independent process sections of wet end equipment and dry end equipment. The wet end equipment mainly includes the base paper tray, automatic paper receiving machine, preheating pre-regulator, and single-sided corrugation. Machines, paper feeders, gluing machines, double-sided machines, etc. Wet-end equipment makes corrugated base paper into three, five, and seven-layer corrugated cardboard with different corrugated combinations; cadre equipment mainly includes rotary cutters, slitters , Cross-cutting machine, stacking machine, etc., the cadre equipment will corrugated cardboard longitudinal slitting, cross-cutting and stacking according to the requirements of the order.


Corrugated cardboard production line is the key production equipment of corrugated cardboard box making. Corrugated cardboard box enterprises are facing more and more fierce market competition. Facing the requirements of corrugated cardboard user orders with large specifications, small quantities and fast delivery, it is necessary to improve the corrugated cardboard production line. Level of automation to improve the production management level of corrugated cardboard production lines, to achieve the purpose of improving quality, improving efficiency, saving energy, saving manpower, reducing consumables, and reducing waste products. Among them, cadre equipment is the key to achieving this purpose.


In addition, according to actual needs, some other special carton equipment may be required.


Mask paper also needs to be printed to print the product logo, and the printing is divided into color offset printing and monochrome overprinting.


Sometimes, it needs printing slotting machine, creasing machine, nail box machine, etc. If you need color printing, you also need offset presses. If you also make platemaking yourself, then you need a plate printer. If the film is also made by yourself, you need to make a film machine, and you need to design a computer supporting equipment. Monochrome overprinting is simple, and the aniline version can also be processed externally. Of course, many processes including corrugated sheet can be outsourced.

Carton Box Production Line