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Emerson Process (Rosemount) 375 Field Communicator w/ Foundation Fieldbus & HART

Emerson Process (Rosemount) 375 Field Communicator w/ Foundation Fieldbus & HART

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The 375 Field Communicator is the standard for handheld communicators, proven to simplify your work in the field. The Emerson Process (Rosemount) 375 Field Communicator supports all HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and WirelessHART devices, and the Graphics Option uses powerful enhanced EDDL technology for displaying field device data in charts, graphs, gauges, and product images.

Use the Emerson Process (Rosemount) 375 Field Communicator to configure field devices or perform diagnostics for effective start-up and troubleshooting. Create a quality segment, detect power supply problems, or locate incorrect terminations and faulty devices without dragging a laptop into the plant. The 375 Field Communicator is the universal, intrinsically safe, rugged, and reliable answer to communicating with all your devices.

The 375 Field Communicator is fully compatible with AMS Device Manager. AMS Device Manager allows you to configure, calibrate, document, and troubleshoot HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and WirelessHART devices. Transfer device configuration data between AMS Device Manager and the Emerson Process (Rosemount) 375 Field Communicator to ensure you are always looking at the most updated device information. When used together, the 375 Field Communicator and AMS Device Manager enable you to efficiently manage all your field devices.

Your 375 Field Communicator is user upgradeable via the Internet. It is no longer necessary to send your communicator away to have new drivers, functionality, or licenses added.

New HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices, as well as functional updates to existing devices, are continually introduced by device vendors. With Easy Upgrade, keeping your 375 Field Communicator updated with the most current Device Descriptions (DDs) is easy. Increase your communicator memory to 1 GB to add room for years of additional HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus DDs. Be sure you are ready with memory for all your plant’s devices.

Emerson Process (Rosemount) 375 Features:

  • Provides universal support for all HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and WirelessHART devices.
  • Meets Intrinsic Safety requirements of CENELEC/ATEX, FM, CSA, FISCO, and IECEx.
  • Allows upgrades via the web with Easy Upgrade subscription.
  • Enables more than 20 hours of continuous use with the new Lithium-Ion power module.
  • Performs reliably in even your toughest plant environments and survives the knocks and shocks of use.
  • Interfaces with AMS® Suite: Intelligent Device Manager to efficiently manage all of your devices.
  • Includes new graphical user interface to display diagnostic information from enhanced EDDL field devices.

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