One micro motion was insattalled in plant, and working properly but suddenly start fluctuation in output and after that output be 2mA. The sensor is DS600 and transmitter is 1700. Any idea for troubleshooting


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  • Hi MOH,  

    I am curious how long your meter was working properly before the fluctuations started.  It would also be helpful to know a little about what fluid you are trying to measure, how the sensor is installed (tubes up, tubes down, etc.), and if anything else is happening in the process that you know of (possible flashing of the fluid, changes in temperature or pressure when the meter goes into a fault condition, etc.).

    When the output goes to 2 mA, that is a fault condition and an alarm is present.  I would start by looking at the 1700 display (assuming it has one) and checking to see what alarms are listed.  You can do this by holding your fingers over both of the optical switches (SCROLL and SELECT) for approximately 4 seconds.  SCROLL until you see "See Alarm" on the display, then SELECT that option.  You should be able to SCROLL through the list and be sure to record the alarms that are present.  Table 10-2  on page 168 in our manual (http://www2.emersonprocess.com/siteadmincenter/PM%20Micro%20Motion%20Documents/1700-Config-Manual-MMI-20019028.pdf ) has a list of the status alarms, their description, and some recommended actions to take to clear the alarm.  Feel free also to let us know what alarms are present and we can help with the troubleshooting.

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards, Tonya

  • MOH

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    Hi Tonya
    the meter was in service about 10 years, the installation is tube down and did not have any indicator. I ask operator to flash and clean it
  • MOH

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    I checked it by HART communicator, show "sensor/xmtr communication error" and sensor also detect the flow direction (I change flow direction, HART Communicator Show Reverse Flow). I check the core processor LED indicate normal operation

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    Hi Mohsenv,

    If the LED indicates normal operation, and if the milliamp is no longer reporting 2 mA, it could be that something was transient in the process that caused an upset that has been cleared now.

    If there is a sensor/xmtr communication error still showing on the HART communicator, here are the recommended actions (excerpted from the transmitter manual at http://www2.emersonprocess.com/siteadmincenter/PM%20Micro%20Motion%20Documents/1700-Config-Manual-MMI-20019028.pdf):

    The transmitter has lost communication with the core processor
    on the sensor. This alarm can be an indication of a problem with
    the core or the transmitter requiring the replacement of one or
    both parts.
    1. Check the wiring between the sensor and the transmitter.
    a. Using the installation manual for your transmitter, verify
    that the transmitter is connected to the sensor according
    to the instructions. Obey all safety messages when opening
    wiring compartments.
    b. Verify that the wires are making good contact with the
    c. Perform RTD resistance checks and check for shorts to
    case (see Section 10.28.1).
    d. Check the continuity of all wires from the transmitter to
    the sensor.
    2. Check the core processor LED. (Sounds like you already completed this step)
    3. If no definite correctable cause was found, replace the core
    a. If the problem persists, put back the original core processor
    and replace the transmitter.
    b. If the problem still persists, replace both the transmitter and core processor.

    If this doesn't solve your issue, please contact your local service group (http://www2.emersonprocess.com/en-US/brands/micromotion/about-micromotion/Pages/Contact.aspx) or send us an e-mail at flow.support@emerson.com.

    Good luck! I hope you are up and running soon.

    Best Regards, Tonya
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    Hi Tonya
    Best Regards

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