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flat bearing (thrust bearings) consist of planar cage assemblies with the roller or cylindrical rollers or steel balls and flat washers. The plane bearing is divided into a plane bearing with a needle roller and a plane bearing with a ball.

flat ball bearing Thrust Ball Bearing
flat ball bearing thrust ball bearing is a kind of rolling bearing that can bear the axial load. Its nominal contact angle is more than 45°. The basic parts are shaft ring, seat ring and rolling element with or without the cage. The unique plane bearing channel superfinishing technology improves the bearing performance.

Product Features of flat ball bearing
The unique plane bearing channel superfinishing technology improves the bearing performance.
High-speed hot forging machine forging technology is adopted to improve material utilization rate by 18%, and a low-noise and long-life plane thrust ball bearing are manufactured.
The surface of the cage is subjected to a new process of hydrogen nitriding to increase the tensile strength of the cage by 64%.
The main purpose of the flat ball bearing
Elevator Accessories / Plastic Machinery
Office Equipment/Medical Devices
Stepping Motor/Deceleration Transmission
Pressure rotor/fitness and sports equipment


Precautions of flat ball bearing
flat bearing installation should pay attention to the following points:
(1) Distinguish the tight ring and loose ring of the bearing (according to the size of the bearing inner diameter, the difference in the hole diameter is O.1~O.3mm).
(2) Distinguish the stationary parts of the mechanism (ie parts that do not move, mainly assembly).
(3) In any case, the loose ring of the bearing should always be against the end face of the stationary part.

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