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Double eccentric Butterfly valves (HB series)

Original seat configuration and material for stable sealing performance

Double eccentric structure and RPTFE seat.

Feature and Specification


Valve nominal size SHB 50A~300A
UHB 40A~300A
Applicable flange 5UHB JIS 5K
150SHB・150UHB ASME Class 150
Maximum allowable pressure 5UHB 0.7MPa
10SHB・10UHB 1.4MPa
16SHB・20UHB 2.0MPa
150SHB 1.72MPa
160SHB 1.9MPa
Service temperature range SHB -10~+200℃
UHB -29~+200℃
Face-to-face dimensions JIS B 2002 46 series
Flow direction Bidirectional flow
 *Recommended flow direction: Flow Pressure from the retainer side
Applicable gaskets Joint seats (Minimum thickness 1.5 mm)
(commercially available gaskets) Spiral wound gaskets / Envelope gaskets
Automatic valves Contact KITZ Corporation for details.

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Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve