Titanium clad steel plate tube sheet

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Titanium clad steel plate tube sheet
Titanium is a new type of metal with many excellent properties, such as low density, high strength, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature performance. It is an important structural material in aerospace, aviation, ocean, chemical industry, electric power and metallurgy.
In order to save titanium resources and reduce costs, and to promote this new metal material in the civil industry, titanium-steel composite plate came into being.
Titanium clad steel plates tube sheets are widely used in petrochemical and pressure vessels. Using this kind of structural material can not only reduce the cost of equipment, but also overcome many shortcomings of single titanium equipment and titanium lining structure in this field.
The equipment made of Titanium clad steel plate tube sheet has corrosion resistance in the inner layer and high strength in the outer layer. The combination of the two has good thermal conductivity, as well as the ability to overcome thermal stress, thermal fatigue, pressure difference and other loads, and can work under more harsh conditions. Therefore, Titanium clad steel plate tube sheet has become an indispensable structural material for modern chemical industry and pressure vessel industry.
Titanium clad steel plate tube sheet is a kind of single-sided or double-sided clad plate which is composed of common grade TA1 or TA2 (clad metal) and carbon steel or alloy steel by explosion, explosion + rolling or hot rolling. Titanium metal has been widely used in flue gas desulfurization equipment, power plant chimney, chemical reactor, heat exchanger, pressure vessel and so on because of its excellent corrosion resistance. However, its disadvantages are high cost. Titanium clad steel plate tube sheet has the corrosion resistance of titanium metal and the structural strength of steel, which can greatly reduce the engineering cost.
At present, the production methods of Titanium clad steel plates tube sheets are as follows:
1. welding compound 2. rolling compound 3. explosive welding 4. explosive welding + rolling
Henan Chalco adopts the method of explosive welding and rolling, and combines the two processes. This method can overcome the shortcomings of small area of explosive clad plate and complex rolling process, give full play to their respective advantages, and produce titanium-steel clad plate with much larger area and smaller thickness. This is more efficient and cheaper.
              Shear strength of Titanium clad steel plate tube sheet
Combination TA1-Q235 TA2-Q235 TA1- 18MnMoNb TA2-18MnMoNb TA2-16MnCu
σt/MPa 342 341 448 390 421
Shear strength and separation strength of Titanium clad steel plate tube sheet
Type σt/MPa σf /MPa
Condition Explosive state Annealing state Explosive state Annealing state
Data 261 190 250 186
Base material TA1、TA2、TA3、TA9、TA10
Cladding material Q245R, Q345R, 16Mn, 20MnMo, 16MnDR,16MnD, S30408, 0Cr18Ni9
Standard NB/T 47002-2009, ASTM B-898
Cladding plate thickness ≤100㎜
Base plate thickness ≤500㎜
Length ≤12000㎜
Width ≤4200㎜
Main applications:

1. Titanium clad steel plate tube sheet is mainly used in two aspects: heat exchanger tube sheet and processing container plate. The total thickness of the tube sheet is 75-100mm and the thickness of the coating is 12-15mm. The total thickness of the processing vessel plate is 19-25mm and the coating thickness is 2-3mm. Titanium-steel clad plate has a good application prospect in the manufacture of heat exchanger tube sheet, large diameter (1800 mm) seamless head and reactor.
2. Titanium clad steel plate tube sheet is used more in the reactor and terephthalic acid plant equipment, as well as ethylene glycol, maleic acid and rust remover production equipment. Some reservoirs have operating temperatures up to 200℃, internal pressure of 9 MPa, equipment diameters of 700 mm, length of 1080 mm, and composite plate thickness of (2 + 15) mm.
For petrochemical equipment operating at ordinary high pressures and temperatures, the lining must provide good heat conduction and must withstand heat cycles, pressure differences and other pressures. Therefore, loose lining or spot welding additional lining is not satisfactory, but the titanium-steel clad plate can meet the above requirements.
3. Titanium clad steel plates tube sheets are used not only in pressure vessels, heat exchangers and tubesheets, but also in the following applications:
A. containers for municipal sewage treatment, which contain larger chloride.
B. chemical distillation tanks for high temperature applications.
C. water storage containers and containers for nuclear waste disposal